Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've always considered Lone Wolf Engineer boots to be one of the best current-day boots around for the money (Lone Wolf's, are they worth it?). During my perpetual search for the most aesthetically pleasing Engineer Boots, I came across these fly-under-the-radar boots that are now all sold out. As I've covered before on a previous post, a metamorphosis of sorts occurs in some boot leather that, over the years, turns black boots into a gorgeous two-tone brown and dark brown. Toys McCoy produced a similar pair that also flew under that radar.

These limited production Lone Wolf's were offered at under $600.00. At first glance, the off-white pair don't appear too pleasing, but imagine how they would look after heavy use. I'm disappointed at the missed opportunity to own these boots.

Made with Cat's Paw Soles, Goodyear heels, Good Year Welt, stacked heels and Cowhide leather.

Original Lone Wolf Engineer Boots


  1. 2 tones brown/black, simply gorgeous , a great look...

  2. Tell me about it, right!! The only other way to get a good one is to have one made by either Wesco or Viberg.