Saturday, January 16, 2010


Maker: Unknown
Brand: Unknown
Circa: 1950's
Color: Two Tone Brown
Size: No size listed - "8.5 - 9"
  Sole:  11 3/4"
  Width:  4 1/4"
  Height:  12"
Sole: Cat's Paw with BF Goodrich heels
Hardware: Brass / Non-Steele Toe / Steele Shank
Leather: Unknown, but they suspect it to be Horsehide - These are NOT Horsehide
Condition: Deadstock
Sold For: 144,900 Yen = Approx $1,500

Wow!! What a find this was. Leave it up to the Japanese collectors to find such an amazing piece of gear. This has no brand, but is a very typical style you find in old Monkey Wards catalogues. They were originally black, but have faded to a nice two tone brown over the years. I have other great examples of boots that have experienced the same fading - I'll be posting those at a later time.  Notice the tiny hint of toe track left from the boot lasts during construction.  Also note how the leather midsole has shrunk over the years leaving about an eighth inch under hang by the Cat's Paw soles.  This is very typical of vintage boots with this sole construction.  And what a first...I've never ever seen any vintage Engineer Boots with "Steel Shank" stamped on the mid-sole.  These seem to be high quality, functional boots.  Such an amazing pair of boots.  I'd have paid no more than $800-$900.  $1,500 is getting into Horsehide leather jacket or even guitar purchasing teritory. 

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