Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's only natural that one of the best cobblers out there today with the sincere passion for reviving Engineer Boots created his own buckles.  These are great looking buckles and are offered in both nickel and brass.   I can guarantee that a very small percentage of people are actually mindful of the hardware on Engineer Boots.  This attention-to-detail is indicative of his dedication to his craft.

What this spells out is additional validation for me to send my boots accross the globe to have a pair of my Vintage Engineer Boots re-soled and re-buckled by none other than Takeshi Okuyama of  Hukurokuju.

If you haven't already discovered his website, make sure you set aside a few hours as you can get lost in the beauty of all the boots.  Good luck.  Oh...don't forget to check out his dog, "Angus." 

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