Friday, February 5, 2010


In an earlier post, I talked about an amazing pair of deadstock black horsehide Engineer boots that, over sixty years, faded into a an amazing two-tone dark brown and brown color.  Well, the folks at Toys McCoy have outdone themselves once again.  With a limited run of only 20, they've released a rendition of the original 1940's Engineer boots.  They've decided to add tan leather liner to their horsehide boots, price it at 102,900 Yen ($1,151.20) and call it a day.
I own a pair of the plain black horsehide Becks and have to say that it was one of the reasons I didn't have a problem selling my 1940's Chippewa's.  Becks are an amazingly comfortable and good looking boot.  I am partial to white welt stitching, so my only complaint is that the Becks welt stitching is black on the black pair.  They recently came out with a brown pair with white stitching.  They should have done the same for this limited edition.

Toys McCoy

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  1. Hi Mate
    I need your help because I am thinking of buying the Toys McCoys Engineer boots in a brown but I have been told they come up quite narrow. I take a size 8 1/2 US so would you say its best to size up to a 9 or stick with the size 8/12? you have a great website!!!