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Hi there,

I really enjoy your blog and have a question that I'm sure you can answer. I'm a woman with quite large feet. Granted I'm tall too (5'10"), but having a European size 41-42 (US 8.5-9 men's size) has always bothered me and I avoid all kinds of shoes (bulbous toes, massive soles) that make my feet look bigger than they are or clowny.

I've been looking into engineer boots lately, and I'm currently between the John Lofgrens and the Attractions. As an owner of both, do you have any comment on the profile or which boot look smallest? Judging from photos the Attractions are really sleek, but being flatter can also make shoes look longer. And the toe on the Lofgrens looks higher or bigger, but also rounder, and I don't find them at all clowny after a good amount of wear.

What do you think?


Lightly worn Lofgrens and moderately worn Attractions

Hi Birgitte!

Thank you for the e-mail and I appreciate that you enjoy my blog.

In terms of the smallest looking of your two choices, I feel Attractions Co.'s sleek and simple profile make them the best choice. I can't comment on how their Steerhide leather develops over time, but the Horsehide is stiff and has a tendency to retain it's shape around the narrow vamp -- upper front portion of the boots. This is important to point out as other boots with softer leather tend to stretch, giving them that wider vamp appearance -- probably not something you're looking for. The toes start off a little bulbous, but flatten out over time depending on the level (frequency and harshness) of wear.

Heavily worn Lofrens

I would say Lofgren's toe box is the same size as Attractions, and while they do flatten over time the storm welt (band of leather stitched between the welt and outsole) prevents them from becoming completely flat -- the combo of these two would lend to that bigger profile you are trying avoid. On top of that, Horween leather is pliable and will easily stretch giving that wider appearance mentioned above.

The Attractions do start off bulbous

I think Attractions would suit your needs, but I think another thing to consider is comfort. Both are great boots, but as I mentioned in a blog post the Attractions do feel a little stiff. The soft buttery Horween leather on the Lofgrens are very pleasing to wear.

I hope this helps. Feel free to hit me up if you have any more questions.

Best Regards,

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