Tuesday, April 19, 2016


If you're a fan of the Red Wing 2268 throwback, 9268, you'll be pleased to know that a non-steel toe version (2966) was released around the same time. Unfortunately, they may have been a limited run. Red Wing Japan and Hukurokuju were retailers and Okuyama may still have them in stock. These are homage vintage Red Wings with PT91-era characteristics, so they're pretty amazing.

-Leather: Black "Klondike"
-Double tanned ... the black will fade into a lovely brown over time.
-Soles: Black Neoprene Cord
- Height: 11"
- Width: D
- Vertical tag
- 1990's-style "Red Wing" embossing on shaft
- 1970's-style box label
- Price: Just at around $500!!
- Still available?

Source: Red Wing Japan Facebook

Source: www.hukurokuju.com/blog

Source: www.hukurokuju.com/blog

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