Thursday, December 26, 2013


Good news for all the folks that have contacted me about sizing and where to find the John Lofgren & Co. Engineer Boots.  John's been working hard on meeting the demands of his popular Engineer boots since their release and is now accepting pre-orders until January 5, 2014.

If you're in the market for the best 1950's style Engineer Boots anywhere to be found, these are for you.  After January 5th, there is no guarantee that many will be available again since John has to turn his attention to the upcoming Logger Boots.  

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Also, if you find yourself in the Los Angeles, Portland or New York area anytime before the end of April 2014, you'll be able to check the boots out at the Self Edge shops.  For you San Francisco-based folks, you may want to hit up Kiya about stocking them there. 

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  1. We would LOVE to carry them in SF too but our stock room is too small for footwear! You can order them online though once we receive them.