Sunday, December 29, 2013


Following the 11th day of tanning, this has easily become my favorite (as well as Jillian's) jacket in my collection.  In my opinion, the Mister Freedom® "Campus" Jacket is the modern day equivalent of the iconic Buco (original) J-100 leather shirt.  Both are unlined, cut for that slim, snug fit, lightweight, have distinct characteristics and are stylistically super versatile.


Notice the amazing prominent grain.  This is indicative of Christophe's attention-to-detail during his hand selection process of each and every hide.  

Be mindful of the areas that may be overlooked during the suntanning process, such as the collar, pits and cuffs. 

I've refrained from conditioning the jacket as I'm going to test different conditioning products and finishes, but the rich, deep tone pictured above is quite spectacular - this is a combination of suntanning, conditioning and patience.

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