Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Here is an exciting teaser of the upcoming John Lofgren & Co. work boot.  At first look, some may try and make the comparison to Wesco, White’s or even Red Wing, but based John’s Engineer Boot offering it’s clear these aren’t going to be your run-of-the-mill work boot.

During a recent conversation with John Lofgren regarding footwear, I gathered that the custom last is being carved out as I type this. They’ll obviously be built in Japan and using only premium material.

I think John hit the stacked heels and profile outta the park just the way he did with his Engineer Boots and the overall profile should make any collector excited - or at least this collector - to see a completed sample!!

Pre-orders are expected to be offered at the end of August 2013 with a price still to be announced. With the current exchange rate, these boots will be very reasonably priced. To put it in perspective, his Engineer Boots were released when the Yen was strong making them in the neighborhood of just over $1k. Today, the Engineer Boots are around $800.

He shared with me these rough sketches with Goodyear welting and dye color samples.  The attention-to-detail is even down to the color shade of the welt. The boots will be offered in all black and dark burgundy with a possibility of two-tone.

Leather:  Horween Chromexcel
Lining:  Horsehide
Width: D
Colors:  Black, Dark Burgundy, possible two-tone
Stitching:  Triple (just like his Engineer Boots)
Soles: Vibram #435
Heels: Vibram #430, Double Stitched and Nailed
Welt:  GoodYear

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