Friday, November 18, 2011


It's been a long time since the success of my last giveaway, a custom studded and jeweled belt , so it's about time for another treat. 

**Update: I've received a few e-mails from folks not being able to leave a comment. I think the problem has been resolved. If this problem continues please send me an email at and you will be added to the giveaway.

Here was my last giveaway

Fans of this style of boot can agree that buckles play an integral part of the overall look.  That being said, some factory buckles just don't seem to cut the mustard.  World-renouned boot repair man, Takeshi Okuyama, obviously feels this way as he has created some of the coolest buckles out there to jazz up them boots.  For this giveaway, I am offering a brand new set of Takeshi's shiny brass roller buckles designed to breath new life into your WESCO's, Chippewa's, Viberg's or any other pair of Engineer Boots you have.

What a great Christmas gift this would make for that Vintage Engineer Boot collector in your life!

Here's How to Enter:

The contest is open to *all fans* of Vintage Engineer Boots! So, if you're a fan of Engineer Boots and want to be entered in the custom Takeshi Engineer Boots buckles giveaway:

Leave me a comment below and I will enter you in the drawing.

If you leave a comment and also link me in your blog, I will add your name twice! Make sure you tell me you are linking me in your blog when you leave your comment so I don't miss you!

I will be drawing the winner on December 2, 2011.

*All Fans means: whether you have a blog or not, are follower #5 or #109, never comment but like to lurk, and you can live anywhere in the world.

Here's the same style of buckle Okuyama used on boots he's reapaired.




  1. John,
    Thanks for the rad blog posts, and please add me in for the contest. I also added a link on my blog. Fingers crossed!


  2. I've been a follower for quite some time; great blog. I have linked to your blog from mine for a couple years, too. Two entries, please! (LOL!)

    Thanks for your service and your interesting blog.

  3. Thanks Guys! Four entries between the two of you...

    C'mon, Folks, let's keep 'em comin'.


  4. Keep it up! I'm in. You've been linked a while ago!
    Speed Seekers Blog

  5. dang, shoulda been first on the list last night, but i cannot comment using firefox for some reason. So rad that you do these giveaways. If I be the lucky lurker drawn, I will do my best to be more appreciative than the last person you gave a set of buckles to

  6. I'm going to have to link you somewhere else. My current blog has no links section. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for doing this, good sir! Even though I haven't updated my blog in ages, you've been linked on it since the beginning.

  8. I'd love an entry. Really enjoy you're blog

  9. I'm in, thank you. It was this blog that inspired me to order a custom pair of Wesco Engineers. They arrived awhile ago and I love them!

  10. Thanks again, All. You're all in! Lets keep 'em entries coming.

    Yeah, I gave a set away a while back to someone and never received so much as a reply saying thanks or anything. Quite disappointing, to be honest.

    Forgot to add that I'd love to see a photo of the winners boots (or the boots
    these end up on) when done.


  11. Longtime lurker, would love a shot at these. Same as equality - my lone wolf engineers are coming in tomorrow!

  12. These buckles are awesome and it's awesome that you do these. I'm definitely in!

  13. this blog is one of the few things I check daily.

  14. These would be perfect for my spring time Wescos!

    I hope to Send you Road Champ update photos soon!

  15. i'm a lurker , love this blog & love engineer boots,count me in .

  16. Your blog is such a great source of information and entertainment and a giveaway like this is a bonus of the best sort! Keep up the good work.

  17. Count me in! Awesome buckles. Would look great on my Red Wing 2268. Your blog is a fantastic inspiration. Keep up the good work. Best regards Speedster.

  18. This is exciting! Thanks for all the motivating words, ALL!!

    I can't wait for the 22nd to arrive so I can announce the winner. Still plenty of time for folks to get their names on the list.

    I don't think these'll fit 2268's as their instep strap is super wide. Don't let that detract, though. These are great to have for that special pair of Vintage Engineer Boots you run accross.


  19. Hi John! Entering the contest. Thanks for being so wonderful. Here's my blog post for 2 entries!

    ADH92 from SuperFuture

  20. Great initiative, would love to win those buckles to spice up my 2268 or a future pair.
    Keep up with your great blog John.

  21. Hello John, buckles looking really tasty.
    keep up your great blog

    SLAB from SuFu

  22. Great blog with lotsa engineers information! love it!


  23. Thanks folks!! I'm really excited about this giveaway. To the layman on the subject of these style of boots, it may appear like a measly giveaway, but we all know how difficult it is to come accross these.

    There's plenty of time left.

    Good luck ALL!

  24. Long time lurker, always wishing i could own a pair of engineers! here's to hoping I can get a head-start with some quality buckles!

  25. One day before the giveaway! First time on this blog, after browsing I need me a pair of engineers.

  26. Hey man, let me put those buckles on my new wesco boots.
    Gav (sufu - fre-co)