Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Back in June of 2010, I posted a sweet pair of Brown Bomber Chippewa Engineer Boots belonging to Coleslawyum with the full Okuyama treatment.  Well, this return customer has done it again.  Check out his early 1990's Chippewa's just back from the man himself.  These have the double leather outsole, late-era Cat's Paw heel caps (made in Canada) and of course Okuyama's custom buckles.

These have to be the coolest "shorties" I've seen a while.  Congrats Coleslawyum!!

Photos courtesy of hukurokuju.com and Coleslawyum 

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  1. Thanks John. I had a lot of fun putting these together. I found these on the 'bay for about $80, but I already had a bunch of brown boots. So I thought it would be cool to turn them green. I also recently received a bunch of vintage Cat's Paw and Biltrite heels. So one change after another, and this is what they look like now after a year of purchasing them.