Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As passionate as I am with Vintage Engineer Boots, Jillian is obsessed with vintage Carlo of Hollywood watercolor's.  Over the years, we've owned enough Carlo's to fill a decently sized art gallery. 

Jillian has decided to display her knowledge and passion for these midcentury masterpieces in her own art gallery in the form of a blog.  In it she'll include photos and information regarding the artist's watercolors, the frames and shadowboxes associated with his work as well as those few revivalists out there recreating frames using similar style wood. 

This will also be a forum for readers to share their collections, missed opportunities and ask questions.   It doesn't stop there...don't hold me to this, but I'm almost positive she'll also showcase her other passion for midcentury Moss Lamps.

I'm a huge fan of these paintings and look forward to what she has to bring to the table.  She also has an amazing eye for midcentury doo dads and whatsits, so this should be a thoroughly enjoyable journey.

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