Sunday, June 6, 2010


Here's my pick for best looking modern-day Engineer Boots.  These belong to "Coleslawyum" on the Super Future Super Talk forum.  They are the new Chippewa (27911) Brown Bomber Engineer Boots and retail for just over $150.  I'm sure they can be had for a little cheaper on eBay.  They obviously age well, but to get this exact look one would have to dish out a few more bills to have the "Okuyama" (Hukurokuju) sole and custom buckle treatment - good call on the brass buckles (these are custom Okuyama buckles that are also available in nickel). 

When all was said and done, I imagine that they were just over $500.  Not a bad deal when the average price for a beat up vintage pair is in the super $700 neighborhood. 


  1. Thanks for posting my boots! I actually caught a deal on these for $130. The whole Hukurokuju treatment cost me about $220, and since I was at his shop in Tokyo, I didn't have to pay any shipping. It actually cost me about the same as a pair of Wesco's but the build quality (except for the customization) is definitely not as good.

    If you can find these boots for dirt cheap, usually on ebay, its fun to pimp them out. Recently I found another pair of 6" Chippewas for about $80 that I'm going to throw some dead stock BiltRites on them.

  2. i know this is an ooold post, but how is that leather? i always been curious about the "bomber jacket" leather. looks like a rough-out boot, is it smooth? cracked? how thick is the leather compared to the standard chippewas? i was gonna get a pair, nut just dont know... the frye rand. what do ya think?

  3. I love boot since childhood, i had great pair of Frye Hrness boots in 90's. Since I have found this blog, I read it everyday.
    I am plan to buy these Chippewa (27911) Brown Bomber Engineer Boots tan . I have Redwing 2268 in size 8 D, can you guide me on sizing these Chippewa , what size and width should I buy. Since I can only buy online, it will be great help fro me.