Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Here's another amazing pair of custom WESCO Boss Engineer Boots belonging to Jared "Oldcrow82" of FTL.  Jared is a visitor of my blog who found inspiration through information I've provided and built what I think is one of the coolest pairs of Boss' I've seen in a long while. 

After spending $100 on a custom fitting using the tracing paper provided by WESCO and subsequent fit issues, Jared now owns a pair of Engineer Boots he can be proud of.

I actually like the way these look more than Patrol Toes.  I love everything about these boots except for the non-roller buckles.  I find it hard to believe that WESCO doesn't offer this option here Stateside, but it is offered overseas.  It's been said that they offer it upon request, but no one has yet to confirm this. 

Thse boots started off as standard Boss toe’s, but after 14 weeks of waiting they arrived in substandard condition.  WESCO cited that it proved difficult to build a boot based on the combination of non-standard options Jared chose along with his narrow feet.  In the end, WESCO came through and offered to rebuild the boots with a western last, which has a narrow profile to fit his feet.  This follow-up process took only two weeks.

Boot specs:
Size: 10AAA
Western last
Height: Standard 11"
Leather: Black steer
Hardware: Nickel
Strap length: Standard
Stitching: Brown uppers / White stitching lowers
Sole: #705 Vibram half soles
Brown painted mid-sole
Heel: Vibram

"I must say that these are the most comfortable fitting pieces of footwear that I have ever owned.  Well worth the money and the wait."

Jared found inspiration in my blog, but I think he just inspired me to pick up a pair of Western Boss Engineer Boots.

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