Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Mr. Loiron is at it again.  Using his new in-house Indigo Vat, they have hand dyed a limited number of vintage 1940's - 1950's Swiss Government military issue, New Old Stock Henleys.  These are three buttons, all cotton and 3/4 sleeves.

- It’s done about the same way folks used to over-dye garments in the back of the house 100 years ago.
- Each piece comes out unique, irregular… but all indigo blue!
- The shirts will fade with repeat washing and wear.
- They have been cold washed with gentle detergent, but some indigo bleeding might still occur.
- Available WASHED and pre-shrunk
- Assorted Sizes (because of the nature of the cotton knitt, the shirts stretch and are difficult to measure. We will ‘guess’ sizes from S to L). They look good tight and stretched out, as an undershirt should fit.
- Retail $149.95

Call John or Jordan at (323) 653-2014 or Email or
to get yours while they last. They ship internationally.

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