Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My last six tattoos were done by my friend Brandon "Bud" Amato who works at American Vintage Tattoo in Orange, California.  Ironically enough, these last six tattoos remain the favorite of all my art.  I'm not saying this because he a close friend, but because Bud is a phenomenal artist who's passionate about his craft and is always up for new and challenging pieces. 

All photos from Bud and his satisfied customers

It's clear that Bud has a talent customers strive to find in a tattoo artist.

Besides his skillful hand, I also respect that Bud's passion is not driven by prices.  For years I've heard him mention that he's got some of the best prices around and I can attest to its truth.  Personally, though, I never talk pricing with an artist.  If I know that person's abilities, then it's the finished product I'm focused on; however, it's really good to know your getting a great product at a good price with Bud.

To make things even better, he sometimes offers special tattoo pricing. 

Take for instance his current limited-time offers:
- Most traditional tattoo designs:  $100-$150 depending on size
- Any Tattoo on top of the hand:  $100

To make an appointment with Bud, call him at (323) 253-2131

The eagle on the right still had one sitting left when the photo was taken.

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