Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'd like to consider myself a really big fan of Vintage Engineer Boots.  I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm a "die-hard" Vintage Engineer Boot fan; otherwise my closet would be overflowing with boots I'd be willing to pay thousands for.  This is due in part by my ounce of will power and ton of support from Jillian asking me, "do you really need those boots?  After all, you already have so many."

To date (since 1991), I've owned well over thirty pairs of Vintage Engineer Boots.  With the practical mindset Jillian has instilled in me (and, thankfully, continues to do so), I've sold most of them because they sat in the closet for at least six months and most of the time they've sat for years.  Sure, they came out for a fitting or two, but back in the closet they went.  I do regret selling a few, however. goes without saying that I'm happier than a preacher's son at a biker-babe rally to finally pick up the Mister Freedom Road Champ Engineer Boots upon my return from this third world country.  Jillian and I will be taking a trip up to the Mister Freedom shop where I'm told my size is in stock. 

As with any other vintage clothing fan, I'm going to peruse the awesomeness that is Christophe's creation.

Aside from the boots, here's what I hope to see in stock:


Couple of Gym Henley's

Selvedge Utility Braces (probably sold out for ages update: plenty of these available...also in all indigo)

Utility Caps (again, probably sold out very long ago update:  plenty of these cool hats available as well)

Not a Mister Freedom product; however, just as cool!  It might even fit in the back pocket of the Californian's.


  1. wow cant wait to see them on you bud

  2. did the viberg group fall through?

  3. Thanks Ed and Matt!!!

    David, the Viberg group buy is still going hot and Ed is doing an outstanding job as the lead, but unfortunately it won't be ready when I return. I may jump on board when the order specifics are solidified.


  4. John, I love that you have the shopping list going! I was telling Jillian last night that I love the shout-outs to her in this post. :) Have fun shopping, you DESERVE it!

  5. Thanks Erin! Yeah, the list may change. Bottom line is that the boots are in.

    Marine's here have already purchased MC's, cars, etc. and here I am buying boots :)


  6. Will we see you at Viva Las Vegas next month?

  7. Thank you Sir for the visit today ;-)
    Really sorry i was wrapped up with stuff upstairs (been a madhouse with events in Japan)... Everyone here told me you two were SUPER nice, but after you had left and i didn't know you were in da house...
    Hope you get some nice time off duty with your loved ones.
    Thanks again. Cheers

  8. Christophe, that is one simply amazing shop you have there. Your staff is second to none. I've spoken to every one of them either via e-mail or on the phone and they have been the nicest and most helpful folks I've run across. Their product knowledge and customer service is spot on!

    I'm sure you were wrapped up with things upstairs - I heard the bustling activity.

    I'll be posting a review of the two amazing items I picked up and all I can say is that I've been wearing them all weekend. I intended on picking up a few more things, but figured these two were good enough for now.

    Will definitely be visiting the shop in the very near future to pick up more things.

    Thanks for the kind words! keep up the amazing work and fine craftsmanship!