Thursday, January 13, 2011


Brand:  Ranger by Endicott Johnson
Circa:  Early 1940’s (perhaps even older?)
Color:  Black
Size:  7.5
Length:  11 ¼”
Height:  12”
Sole:  Leather
Leather:  Unknown

Hardware:  Nickel
Condition:  Deadstock
Sold For:  $1,137 / 15 Bids
Seller:  fiddyfoe

What an incredible find!  This, in my opinion, is the next best thing to a pair of original Buco’s.  Not too shabby a price for an original pair of deadstock Vintage Engineer Boots – super rare in this condition.  These have all the characteristics collectors love to find; desirable profile, toe tracks, amazing condition and ready for the development of one’s own wear and tear.  These would easily fit a typical size 8. 

I could see these selling for close to $2,000 on the Japanese market. 

I would have been happy taking these home for $1,500.  A true vintage style no reproduction can give justice to.


  1. John,

    For your archivings.

    awsome !!! a miracle that they even exist IMHO :

    miracle never ceases:

  2. These look sharp. Unfortunately they have steel toes, plastic stacked heels and too recent in terms of vintage year. HD sourced these puppies from Chippewa.

  3. John,

    Sorry for monopolizing this posting but here are two more pair of biker boots. They are old and have unreinforced toe boxes:

  4. From Sears Roebucks:

  5. Perhaps the previous owner had these puppies undergo the okuyama treatment on them buckles:

  6. The seller told me they went to the guy from Heller's Cafe, so look for them to be sold again at about where you suggested.

  7. Heller' s Cafe won these beauties means they gonna be marketed in Japan. To tell y' all the truth me don' t think they gonna be available in Heller' s Seattle store.

  8. John,

    Pls shoot me an email so i can send you pic & infos on the next gen HH bucos.

  9. Victor, thanks for all the links. Those Chippewa's are K-I-L-L-E-R.

    Rayw44, good info - I agree, some Japanese customer probably spend double+ what they sold for.


  10. Yeah, no way will they be in Seattle, and I agree those Chippewas were pretty special. If they were a tad bigger I would have been bidding.

    I would also appreciate the info on the new horsehide Buco's if you don't mind:

  11. My girlfriend was signed in and I didn't realize it!! That post from "Jillian" is me.