Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Mike Wolfe is living a life most people who follow this blog would love to have - Traveling the country and having almost unlimited access to all the "treasures" we could only dream of finding.

I was made aware of his passion for old bicycles and motorcycles through his show, American Pickers, but this passion goes beyond WWII-era Harley's and Indian's.  He owns a cornucopia of rare rusty, early 20th century bad-ass machines.

Here he is sportin’ Vintage Engineer Boots and vintage Chore coat on his pre-war (pre-WWI, that is) Harley Davidson.

His 1912 Indian Boartracker

I wouldn't even take this 1913 Indian out of the crate.  I'd hang it up in my


  1. If only he could get rid of the hump he drags around with him....

  2. What kind of engineer boots does he wear on the show? They look like seal brown no-harness.