Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I  decided to put together another belt late last night and had to stop or else I'd get no sleep.  I get so much pleasure in putting these belts together that I get so caught up and next thing you know it's zero dark thirty and I've got thirty minutes of sleep before work.

Every belt I've ever crafted was meant for me to keep, but I always end up getting rid of them.  This particular belt will be my first attempt at a giveaway.  I've always intended on having giveaways as I have so many vintage things just sitting around, but never figured out how to go about doing it.  Ha!  Turns out it's pretty least Welcome To Deluxeville makes it seem super simple, so I've taken her rules and am applying them to this giveaway. 

Not sure if I'll have any willing participants, but either way I'm interested in seeing how this goes.  Keep in mind that I'll have sporadic giveaways, so be sure to keep an eye out.

This was a brown leather belt and I applied a single coat of black dye.  When the black dye begins to wear out, you're left with a nice looking patina.  As you can see, I'm using white leather insets with silver spots. I will apply two more of these shapes evenly spaced out.  The color of jewels used will be left up to the winner.  At the moment I have black, blue, red, amber and green jewels.  The center of each inset will have a jewel.  I can either put another jewel or silver spots on either side of that (I also have limited brass spots).  Between the insets, I can put a jewel with starburst design...up to the winner.  The buckle is fixed (sewn in), but I can unstitch and put a couple of small buttons so the buckle can be swapped out.  Again, up to the winner.   Details will be ironed out between myself and the winner upon announcement...or I can just complete the belt this weekend using my own design - let me know the best COA.

Belt is made of genuine leather.  With the exception of the center jewel, the others are just laying there for visual reference of colors.  Each inset will have a maximum of three jewels.

Approximate Measurements (labeled a size 34):  A: 42 3/4",  B: 35 3/4", C: 1 3/4"

Here's How to Enter:

The contest is open to *all fans* of Vintage Engineer Boots! So, if you're a fan of Engineer Boots and want to be entered in the Studded and Jeweled Biker Belt giveaway:

  • Leave me a comment below and I will enter you in the drawing
  • If you leave a comment and also link me in your blog, I will put your name in twice! Make sure you tell me you are linking me in your blog when you leave your comment so I can put your name in the drawing twice and don't miss you!
I will be drawing the winner on June 3, 2011.

*All Fans means: whether you have a blog or not, are follower #5 or #109, never comment but like to lurk, and you can live anywhere.


  1. Nice Belt, Fan here and ive linked you to my blog, your part of my daily reads :)
    i hope my being a lucky monkey brings me luck on this

  2. Count me in !!!! Yupi that's a beautifull giveway ! and i will link it right now !!

    I cross my fingers !

    Good luck everybody :)


  3. That's a great looking belt, please count me in for a chance on winning it, i'm always up for such a nice freebee!
    I've also linked you in my blog,


  4. Ahh Johnny boy how could I resist. put me in the draw and yes you're linked into PAPANUISAYS.BLOGSPOT.COM

  5. Awesome - Thanks ALL!!! Keep the entries coming. I've already come up with a great vintage item for my next giveaway.


  6. count me in, i love this belt! ive been looking for a good one forever!!
    im making changitos!(lol means im crossing my fingers)

  7. Count me in too!

    I posted a link on my blog as well John.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    It's a rad belt.


    CHECK MINE.....

  9. just give me the belt now! is mine, the rest of you need to split. you are on my blog list. always giving yours a peace.

  10. Try as I might to stay away, I just can't. Throw me on the list!

  11. Awesome belt! Impressed by your skills!

  12. Count me in, and I'll post a link up!

  13. Hey bullying in here, Mindpill :) Everyone gets a shot.

    There's plenty of time, so be sure to tell a friend.

    Cheers! Keep 'em comin'!!

  14. I'm throwing my hat in, thanks for the chance.

  15. oooh oohh eeeee ee ha! ME!!! super rad! Thank you!!

  16. Nice looking belts John. I hope I win. And thanks for the help on choosing my favorite boots. The Road Champs were a great choice.


  17. Awesome belt, awesome blog.

    I linked you at my blog as well

    Getting ready to make the trek from Oregon down to Rose Bowl. See you there?

  18. Yeah , I've had many belts...made a couple myself , but nothing as fine as yours!
    ...enter my name in your draw ( OH and I also put a link on my page for you ) Thanks !

  19. Now this is what I'm talking about - Good luck everyone!!

    Ol' Reliable, You are about the fifth person to mention that I've played a part in the decision to purchase Mister Freedom's Road Champs. Glad to be of assistance...that's the original mission of my Blog; to keep Vintage Egineer Boot fans informed.


  20. i want in!

    and i added a link at