Monday, July 26, 2010


Earlier this year, I featured a post about American-made reproduction Buco J-100 jackets by eBay seller diamonddave726  and while he has sold a few more prototype jackets since then, the establishment of his website has yet to come to fruition.  However, John Chapman, of Good Wear Leather and developer of the diamondave726 Buco jacket pattern has come out with his own version of the awesome jacket that is available now for purchase.  His racer jacket is identical to the Buco J-100, but uses the vintage California Sportswear label and vegetable-tanned Horsehide (those offered on eBay by diamonddave726 was made of Steerhide)

Although, an original Buco can be had for about the same amount as Mr. Champman's, having a new one mold to your body and naturally aged by you is just so appealing.  Reproduction Buco J-100 are being sold for over $1,700 in Japan.

* Be sure to check out his faithful reproduction A-2 aviator jackets.

  • $950.00
  • Slender motorcycle jacket design (These were originally considered leather shirts)
  • Comfortable shoulders and upper sleeves
  • Short vertical collar with snap closure
  • Two chest pockets
  • Black rayon lining
  • Vintage and reproduction zippers available
  • Sleeve ends with zipper openings

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