Sunday, July 25, 2010


What a neat story - mlcarriker: "My brother found this deer alone and malnourished when it was a tiny baby. My family bottle fed the baby, named Theen until he was eating grass. Several months later he's very socialized with people, our black lab, and our cats. He is free to wander if he likes and we've seen him with several herds of whitetail and axis deer. Apparently he fits in just fine with them. He frequently comes back to the house to eat some catfood and play with our dog, Buddy. He doesn't care much for deer corn."

Pepper know's that her barking is not appreciated, so when she's up to no good she'll run and grab the closet toy to muzzle her bark - we think buddy is doing the same thing with the ball in order to avoid the urge to bite the deer.

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