Friday, February 19, 2010


Exciting news on the Homefront - Currently only being sold on eBay by seller diamonddave726 (Diamond Cap Co.) as a limited time "Test Jacket", we will soon be able to purchase an amazing replica 1950's Buco J-100 Jacket at a reasonably low cost, relative, of course, to an original or ones sold in Japan (The Real McCoys brand) for just over $1,700.00 USD.

Diamonddave726 sold the below "Test Jacket" for $480 USD on eBay, but when he activates the new website sometime between now and Spring, the jackets will retail for a mere $650 USD.  Keep an eye out for the website as period sweaters, t-shirts, other leather jacket and perhaps some new styles of caps (since the vision started with amazing replica WWII "Crusher" caps) will also be offered. 

This is his second J-100 on eBay - the first "Test Jacket" was all black (if I'm not mistaken) and sold for about the same.  If only the "Test Jackets" fit me - Oh well, looks like I'll have to wait for the launch of their website and pay just a few bucks more for my size.

This particular jacket is made from "Garment Grade" 3oz. Steerhide straight out of an American Tannery.  The gorgeous pattern, made by John Chapman of Good Wear Leather Coat Co., has an extremely flattering "V" shape and will complement any bike or just look "smoking" on the streets in any general fashion application!!

The original J-100's seem to have had a standard 2" to 3" increase in chest size from ones actual measurement. This, as opposed to a standard 4" increase in styles such as the fantastic A-2 jackets of the similar period. However with a large armhole and sleeve top the difference is easily made up, making for a fantastic fitting garment.

For reference, the seller is 5'10" tall, with a 45" chest, and wears a jacket like this in a size 48, measuring 24 underarm.  The measurement's for the below jacket are:

Chest: 23" (Doubled for 46")
Waist: 21" (42")
Hip: 22" (44)
Sleeve: 25"
Neck to back: 26"
Collar to Front: 24"

The lining: is made of 100% Cotton Drill in a great 10oz. variety that looks and feels absolutely correct for the early period of the production of the J-100 style jacket. (The very first Buco being an unlined version of this jacket, called a "Riding Shirt" as seen on my blog banner). The sleeves lined in heavy satin lining material for ease of donning.

The label is a completely accurate, reproduction, of Woven Taffeta in the correct style and color.
The zippers are made by the Waldes Company in Japan and are some of the finest zippers available today. These include extremely heavy 100% Cotton tape, nickel teeth and the proper "C" type top stops, just like those that would have been used by the Buegeleisen Corporation in the early days. Finished with a matching "pulltab" of steerhide to make zipping these a breeze, even in riding gloves. Also includes, 2 Chest zippered pockets, lined in off white , 100% cotton drill as well as matching sleeve end zips.

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