Sunday, February 21, 2010


During the height of the "Mexican Ring" phase, I discovered that Marine Corps (as well as the other major military branches) rings were also made.  This was perfect, because now I could wear a cool vintage 1940's / 1950's mexican ring in uniform.  Nothing stopped me; however, from wearing my Honkey Tonk Company (now known as Lofgren) skull ring while deployed to Iraq.  Now back at home, I switch back and forth with my current collection.   

My current collection:
Ones I've owned and sold:
I brought this particular one with me to Iraq in 2008 during my thirteen month tour and, disappointingly, the right wing broke off and was lost when I was donning my Outer Tactical Kevlar Vest in preperation for a convoy to Fallujah.  I continued to wear it, but decided to sell it when I got home. 

Wish I found the wing so that I could re-attach it, but once you drop something in that Iraqi sand you can forget about it.

I'm all about maintaining the 50+ year old patina, but this one just looked grimey, so I soaked it in Coca Cola for a few hours and it cleaned right up 

Post-Cola soak

Here are cool ones I missed out on:


  1. Nice collection! Do you have a lot more Mexican rings of other sorts?

  2. Thanks!! Over the past handful of years, I've owned quite a few Indian head rings, skull rings, etc and pretty much sold them all. What remains are two skull rings; one of which is currently being offered on eBay.

  3. Hey there, I was wondering if you had any more of these Mexican rings left you might be willing to sell?? - Thanks, Mario

  4. I also want to have for my brother. He actually likes such kind of unusual ring that are totally different. If you have some for sale I need to buy one.
    vintage rings