Saturday, March 21, 2020


Hey! I have a question for you on the Mister Freedom Campus Jacket. After owning a couple of different types, which color/material would you recommend? Which one do you find yourself wearing the most?
Hair-on-Hide and black Baloo

Thanks for the question! It really depends on how much time and patience one has to dedicate toward owning the natural Campus Jacket (only up until it reaches the owner's desired tan level). I love a good leather project and really enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor, so this jacket is the ultimate feel-good project. While it requires time and patience to get through the sun-tanning process without taking short cuts (like soaking it in water to "age" it and prematurely applying conditioner to speed up color darkening) the results are tremendously satisfying. Using the steps I document on this blog, I've achieved results that far surpass my expectations. This jacket, like the Stallion Campus, gets better and better with every day of use.

Taken today, 21 March 2020

That wonderful Indigo dye transfer

The appeal of the Stallion Campus for me is the black surface dye that reveals the natural color with normal wear over time, displaying a beautiful patina. Who doesn't love a good "tea core" leather number?! The bonus is how incredibly well the stacked arm creases hold their shape - likely due to the combination of the dye over the untreated leather*. I've owned mine for over five months now and I'm just amazed every time I wear it. The simple yet classic design of the Campus along with a brand that's respected around the globe is a win in my book.

Taken today, 21 March 2020

That wonderful Indigo dye transfer

I naturally find myself wearing the newest one, but since the Stallion ages so well I like to grab the natural balance out the wear.

Let's not forget about the rest of these beauties!

So there you have it. If someone wants to add a bit of color to their wardrobe along with a fun, satisfying project then the natural Campus is the way to go. If someone is looking for a Campus ready to go outta the box (they're both ready to go outta the box, but the natural requires a little more attention), then I'd go with the Stallion. There's no going wrong either way. Honestly, with the limited-time sale they have going on right now (March 2020 - Until they are able to open the HQ building once again) I'd most certainly take advantage and quickly snag one up at 30% off. Regular retail price is on point, but 30% off?! Oof!! These sales don't happen often.

*I've surface dyed cowhide leather and am very familiar with how it becomes stiff when dried. Add folds and bends in high stress areas like the arm and you've got a recipe for GREAT stacks and creases that hold their shape.

Hair-on-Hide Campus - In store purchase

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