Sunday, March 8, 2020

My Journey with the Mister Freedom® Stallion Campus Jacket

I’m just amazed by the ease at which the Stallion Campus Jacket develops that highly desired lived-in look. I’ve worn this jacket almost every day for several months and not only does it look lived-in, the leather is softening up and forming to me like a glove with the arm creases are here to stay.

I’ve purchased horsehide jackets at almost triple the price specifically to obtain the look this jacket is giving off — I’m beginning to think horsehide jackets are overrated (The insanely over-inflated-priced ones ... I won’t stop buying them, but they just have to be unique among all the cookie cutter jackets saturating the market). This jacket is a testament to the quality and style associated with a brand that has proven itself in this industry for so, so many years.

Day 3 with my New Campus Stallion Campus Jacket
Day 3

Chest: 19 1/2"
Shoulder: 16 1/2"
Back: 22.5"
Sleeve: 24"

Day 3

I wear a vintage size 36 in leather jackets and pretty much a 36 in all Mister Freedom jackets (although, I went with a 34 with the Lot 64 Ranch Blouse "Okinawa"Edition" and Baloo Jackets for a classic fit)

Day 3

Day 5

Day 8

This jacket downright proves that Horsehide isn’t the only leather with striking aging characteristics.

Join me and other Stallion owners as we take part in a friendly Stallion patina competition with LOTS of prizes.

•Only patina resulting from natural wear.
•No dying or tinting of exposed “tea core” in an effort to cause the color to appear more prominent.
•No artificial means to give the appearance of hardened wear. This includes, but not limited to, sandpaper, burnishing tools, etc.
•No forced means of accentuating creases or folds.
•No soaking in water (it’s pretty obvious) — Normal exposure to the elements is acceptable.

*Just wear it and let the magic happen. At a yet-to-be-determined time, a winner will be selected.

Day 14

Day 17

Day 31

Day 50

Day 54

Day 72

No two hides are alike and each panel may feature variations in texture along with natural imperfections.

Day 79

Day 91

Day 126

Day 129 - Like a glove!

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