Saturday, October 5, 2019


Good afternoon,

I hope your day is going well. I really enjoy reading your blog and had a question for you.

I recently found a pair of John Lofgren engineer boots, new with box for 600 dollars!

Although this appears like an amazing deal, I want to ensure that sizing works for me.

I am a size 10 in sneakers and own 3 pairs of red wing Pecos and am a 9.5 in those. In my iron rangers I am a size 9.

The Lofgrens I have my eyes on are a size 9.5! What would you advice/suggestions be on the sizing for lofgren engineer boots?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Jake,

I wear a size 8 in athletic sneakers and a 7 across the board with converse style sneakers (regardless of brand and country of origin). I wear a 7 in RW Pecos as well as Iron Rangers ... as well as on all John Lofgren boots. Having said that, It boils down to how much wiggle room you're working with between your Pecos and Iron Rangers -- I think folks tend to prefer different levels of wiggle room between their slip-ons and lace-ups.

Based on your information -- and if the Pecos are ideally sized -- and since the shape of the toe box/taper on the Pecos are similar to that of John Lofgren's boots, I think the 9.5 will be close to what you're looking for.

I hope this helps.


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