Saturday, September 28, 2019


Hi John,

Hope you are doing well.

I've been checking your posts on Instagram and also viewed your blog. You have some nice boots and clothes. I wanted to ask you about roughout boots and you seem to have Lofgrens M-43 Service Shoes. I've been looking for a WWII roughout boot or boondocker for some while but there aren't many really available which actually are based on the original design.

Also I'm not sure how is the quality with repro manufacturers like ATF and WWII Impressions and they seem to be always out of stock. If I'm looking for this style boot and good quality, would you still recommend the John Lofgrens M-43 Service Shoes? Would you say they are somewhat close to the original WWII boots that were issued in the later stages of the war?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Hi Jukka, 

Thanks for the e-mail. I was on the lookout for WWII Boondockers since I joined the US Marines back in the mid-1990s and I periodically checked in on ATF and WWII Impressions for their footwear selection, but was always turned off by the fact they were always out of stock in my size ... and I could never figure out their sizing. I even ran across originals here and there, but was concerned about the durability. Lucky for me John Lofgren released his own version!

As far as his M-43s being close to originals -- John didn't just take an original design of a highly-desired vintage boot and create a carbon copy. That would be too boring. Like his Engineers, these bear that original Lofgren twist which is a characteristic I really love about his designs.

I’m clearly a fan of John’s work, therefore, I may sound somewhat biased. But when you come across a brand that consistently puts out incredible pieces covering a wide variety of styles within the window of early Americana fashion, this creature of habit will continue to be a loyal customer. 

Easily my favorite roughout boots in today’s market, the M-43 Service Shoes are everything one would expect to come out of the Lofgren camp — high quality, heavy-duty, expertly crafted and full of comfort.

Not only are the boots rugged, but they manage to go with almost everything in my closet from denim to cords and everything in between.

I've been a huge fan of John's work since his early days and now the heritage brand ranks among the best in the business. It only made sense to choose the roughout boots from a family of footwear that speaks to the brilliance, craftsmanship and passion behind the man and his brand.


Check out John's footwear lineup on his Rakuten page. They offer hassle-free worldwide shipping and often ship faster than local shops in your respective country.

Check out the Lofgren Instagram pages ...

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