Saturday, July 22, 2017


Good Morning!

I've been lurking on your site and Instagram for quite awhile now and was wondering if I could ask a question that will undoubtedly lead to a not so quick answer. I own several pairs of nice boots (White's, Red Wing, Oak Street...) and have been interested in getting some engineers. I like the feature you did recently about sub $1000 options and I like the price point, heel shape, and the patina potential of the attractions vs. the other options in this price point. I saw you posted on Denimbro a couple times about your attractions and your opinions on them, but was wondering, now, a couple of years later what your thoughts are on them? Thanks so much. Love what you're doing, and thank you for your service.



Hello. Thanks for the e-mail and the kind words! 

Bottom line up front, these boots are worth every ¥en! Engineer Boots of this caliber that possess the characteristics you describe can not be purchased anywhere else. I mentioned my experience with stiff soles on a review from back in 2015, but it was definitely no reason to let these go. I did, however, experience a momentary lapse of reason and almost sold them only because they sat in my closet unworn for a long period of time while I was breaking in other boots. The decision not to let them go was smart decision -- I absolutely love these boots!

While I still find the soles are still a little stiff, I would absolutely purchase another pair if lost. I know they've slightly modified the last on the current models, but I'm not sure if this mitigated any of the stiff feeling. Either way, I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone looking to purchase one of the nicest Engineers available today. 

Ordering from Attractons Co. couldn't be any easier. Atsushi-san is the dedicated rep for overseas purchases and can be contacted

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