Saturday, July 29, 2017


While several companies currently offer WWII-style roughout boots, I was particularly interested in the M-43 Service Shoes recently made available by the incomparable John Lofgren. With first-hand knowledge and experience with how insanely rugged his boots are, the decision was a no-brainer.

I've been a huge fan of John's work since the early 2000's when it was known as Honky Tonk Clothing Co. and now this heritage brand ranks amongst the best in the business. It only made sense to choose the roughout boots from a family of footwear that speaks to the brilliance, craftsmanship and passion behind the man and his brand.

Brand: John Lofgren & Co.
Model: M-43 Service Shoes
Sizes: 6 - 12 (whole sizes), 6 1/2 - 11 1/2 (half sizes),12 -- all in D width
Soles: Vibram #700 Full Composition
Heels: Vibram #700
Leather: Roughout Natural Horween Chromexcel Cowhide (2.0-2.3 mm thick)
Price: ¥80,784 ($730)

Needless to say there will definitely be a comprehensive review of these incredible boots in the very near future after I log in some miles. Until then, this is going to be an amazing ride!

They pair well with his 14oz selvedge denim military chinos.

The quality of these boots are on par with the high-level of craftsmanship found not only in his footwear but also his clothing. 

The fine details added to even the box is was a boot geek like me loves to see

Amazing profile with the standard Goodyear Storm Welt

I've been in the market for WWII roughouts / boondockers for about twenty years -- ATF and WWII Impressions were okay, but nothing really jumped out at me until these were released. I'm glad I exercised patience over the years, 'cause these are absolutely stunning boots!

Unstructured soft toes guarantees an ever-evolving profile desired by collectors.

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