Saturday, December 24, 2011


I discovered John Lofgren's Speedway-Shop on eBay many years ago, but have only had the opportunity to purchase one of his skull rings back in '06 as well as a pair of Cushman S&P trousers some time later (I was so pleased with these trousers that I ordered a second pair before they all sold out.)

John has been really outdoing himself lately with his namesake brand by offering super high-quality, finely detailed clothing with a workwear flavor, however, don't be surprised when he ventures off into something equally amazing like his Blue Suede Shoes.  I don't know why or how I held back from purchasing anything from his line, but after picking up a pair of his limited run denim chinos and S&P workwear shirt I'm definitely a fan and now consider myself a devoted customer - I immediately sent him an e-mail to find out if he had my size in the black denim chinos.

I placed my order on 18 December, the box  shipped via Express Mail Service (Japan Post) on 19 December and arrived at my door by 11:00 am, 24 December.  That is completely unheard of in my world. It was quicker than any Stateside shop I've ever dealt with.

Many of John Lofgren's brand clothing are limited release, so If there's something that catches your fancy don't hesitate to place your order.

If you're looking to break from the mold of your traditional denim, these are definitely a pair to look into.  I can't wait to see how they age.  It has a classic traditional fit only found in originals.  It has green selvedge with a super long inseam for nice thick cuffs or can be cut to size for tall Cat's.  The slash pockets and rear pocket darts provide a balance between wearing these to the office or over your Vintage Engineer Boots.

Vintage-Style Military Chino 14oz Denim Trousers
Brand: Lofgren
Price: ¥16,590
Link: LP-005 

Links to his shops are:

John also sells on eBay, but if there's something that's not in stock he can be contacted at

This is now my favorite workwear shirt. I couldn't have asked for a better fit. My perfect fit for a vintage shirt would be a size 38 that includes 17" shoulders and 24" sleeves. This shirt is a dead on tailored fit! It's fitted in the chest and waist with a slight flare at the bottom allowing it to worn either tucked and untucked. The material is similar to the S&P covert twill material used on Post O'Alls brand tops.

What's not shown or described is that this shirt is made with premium Japanese selvedge cotton - it's not just the gussets. 

My favorite part of this this shirt is how John captured the traditional vintage pointy collar (my pet peeve with reproduction workwear or even rockabilly shirts).  The only other person to nail this is Christophe Loiron.  It's this type of attention to detail and passion for for what they do that makes me a return customer.

1930's / 1940's Workshirt ("Salt & Pepper")
Brand: Lofgren 
Price:  ¥14,490
Link: LS-010-BLACK

Here's just a few more available Lofgren items

Other Brands available through Speedway


  1. Love me some Lofgren! Waiting on the wabash print shirt I've been lusting after for some time. Should be here early next week. Merry Christmas!

  2. I really wish, that I was able to incorporate some of John's fine garments into my wardrobe, but generally I tend to dress way too preppy to really pull it off. However from what I have seen, his pieces are some of the best in terms of details, quality and the price can't be beat. I might get some items at one point, just to support such a great man.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You are doing an amazing job!