Thursday, May 4, 2017


I enjoy spending good money on great clothing as much as the next guy or gal and traditionally stick to established and respected name brands. While I don't really consider myself a fashion kinda guy -- I just wear things that catch my eye -- readers of my blog and followers of my Instagram have found my posts and style interesting enough to hit me up about the very things I wear.

Some of the common questions I receive are, "I'm looking for a pair of boots that look like (insert brand here), but have a budget of less than $500. Can you help?" or "Are there clothing brands out there that offer the same workwear or Americana style for someone on a budget?"

It's no secret that a lot of established companies charge a good penny for their goods, but there are alternatives out there.

As a frequent visitor to Target for our household needs, Jillian likes to report on the workwear-inspired offerings she runs across in the men's clothing department and over the years they've ranged from selvedge denim to chambray workshirts with chinstraps. Here's an example of their latest offering -- a chambray workwear coat and cotton vest, both of which can be had for about $75 -- the Chambray shirt, also from Target, was about $25 from several years back.

For me, these will never replace the amazing pieces from some of my favorite brands like Mister Freedom® and their ethical manufacturing standards, but for some folks out there they definitely capture that vintage vibe at a manageable price.

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