Saturday, April 29, 2017


Love the blog and Instagram, I would really like an opinion about a possible first purchase between Wesco 7400 and Vibergs engineer boots. I read your blog which featured both and i would like your opinion on which ones would be a better purchase? Any feedback would be appreciated.

(Photo: VibergViberg Horween CXL, $750 - This leather will develop a highly-desired patina as the black color wears away over time. 

(Photo: Standard & Strange)Wesco 7400 Black Tie Domain, $609 - Due to the dying process, don't expect a brown undertone. 

Pecos-Style Western Last, Traditional Nickel Roller Buckles

Traditional, Vintage "Narrow" Profile, Modern Copper Buckles

Cat's Paw Rubber

Full Composition Vibram

While each boot has its own style -- Wesco has the more traditional early American vibe while the stock Viberg, in my opinion, is offered in a more modern western Pecos style -- they are both nice boots definitely worth buying. 

As a fan of a more classic narrow style with flat toes, Wesco is the model I would personally choose. However, I think Viberg offers custom orders and with their vast number lasts one could build an amazing pair of Engineers. Of course, this means an increased cost. 

The Wesco 7400 model is perfect out of the box and at almost $150 less, while I think the stock Viberg leaves much to be desired. 

I hope this helps and good luck!


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  1. Good luck trying to work with Viberg. My experience with them is that they're only interested in the Japanese market.
    And good luck with Wesco's quality control. The last pair of boots I ordered from them had shafts so big even bootcut jeans wouldn't fit over them, sole stitching that ran onto the front of the sole, no heel cup so heel slip was 100%, the wrong buckles, a taller heel than I ordered, and horrible and incompetent customer service.