Sunday, September 6, 2015


Brand: Chippewa
Circa: Late 1950's/Early 1960's
Color: Black
Size: 9 - 9 1/2
Length: 11 5/8"
Width: 4 1/2"
Leather: Oil Tanned Cowhide
Hardware: Nickel, Steel Toe
Sold For: $687.77 / 24 Bids
Valued: $350-$400

Patina does not date a pair of Vintage Engineer Boots. So unless there is a label attached, be mindful of how much you're willing to slap on the table. These certainly are not worth the $687.77 ... to me, of course - I wouldn't pay more than three-and-a-half to four bills for these.

I've provided quite a bit of relevant information on this here blog regarding ol' Chips and the label puts these at post-1955. Even an untrained eye could tell the silhouette is the furthest thing from WWII/Pre-Korean War era. This same label spilled on over into the early 1960's before the third design. Those "1940's" Chippewas may not be that old. Knowledge is power and can be quite a money-saver.

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