Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hi John,

Thanks for your invaluable info through the years, without your blog I'd never have known about the Lofgren boots I own now (Brown, Black and Badalassi) and I'm also in line for some Road Champs if Mister Freedom decide to make another batch. I saw these on eBay recently in my size and decided to pull the trigger, any ideas as to era or make?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the kind words.  These boots pop up at auction more often than not - I purchased a pair during my early days of collecting for well under $50.  The PT83 mark indicates they were made between 1983 and 1991. Made with the lowest grade of footwear leather - split grain cowhide - these Vintage Engineer Boots were sold at local five and dime shops. They were designed to be an inexpensive functional workboot with an Engineer Boot upper and an all-weather one-piece molded hard rubber sole. One could beat the crap out of these at work without concern for sole/heel maintenance whilst still looking good.

You can't tell by any of the auction photos, but they really have a classic midcentury profile.  I consider them to be worth at least $50 and definitely no more than $100, depending on condition.

Notice one-piece molded sole/heel bearing a faux half-sole and heel taps.

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