Friday, November 8, 2013



Sir kamusta?

After years of deciding to purchase the MF road champs I've finally bought it, as you've said it in you blog "these boots are worth every single penny", and I agree!

And I am just lucky enough that I snagged a pair.

Sir John Salamat sa blog mo, you always give us much needed information about engineer boots whether it's a new one,vintage or custom made.

Speaking of custom made engineer boots, last August I bought set of nickle roller buckles.. You'll never know maybe next moth or next year I might have my first ever custom made boots.

Again Maraming salamat John,

Hi Edwin,

Mabute pare! Salamat sa iyong suporta!

Congratulations on the RC's. You are very lucky! I want to buy a third pair to just stash away for the future.

Engineer Boots are definitely addictive and I wish you luck on your future custom-made boots. Again, maraming salamat for the support!

Take care! John

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