Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There's somethin' a brewin' over at TK Smith's Electric Guitar Service (or what I like to call the "Smith Ranch") and I'm really liking the smell of it.

T.K. is a bona fide master of multi-tasking. Amazing inlaid guitar pickguards and custom pickups aside, his new necks with PB-inspired headstock are absolutely amazing.

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Sure TK has his faithful followers, so If you're a guitar enthusiast like me  I wouldn't hesitate contacting him for custom work before the masses catch on to what this true craftsman is up to and he's booked well into the next century.

Flamed maple neck blanks

Leaving the entire design of my Gretsch G6130 Roundup to him, I'm almost tempted to ask for a similar neck. Hmmmm...

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