Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Jillian recently surprised me with a couple of great pieces from the John Lofgren & Co. collection, which, coincidentally, arrived the same time as my Engineer Boots - she's a sneaky little thing.  I was taken aback when I opened the box to find my very first Beach Cloth piece.  I've been a huge fan of vintage Brown's Beach wear for many years, but have never been lucky enough to find the right size in the right condition.

The John Lofgren & Co. shawl collar jacket was inspired by early 20th century American work and hunting wear - a piece a lot of collectors wished was actually produced, but glad folks like John possessed the vision and ability to create a definite collectors item.

The history of the cardigan traces it's roots back to it's namesake, the 7th Earl of Cardigan. Somewhere down the line the shawl collar that was normally found on smoking jackets had a sartorial merger with the cardigan and thus the icon was born.

Coincidentally, not being impressed with the Earl of Cardigan's performance during the Crimean War FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan accused him of cowardice. This Baron Raglan gave us the "raglan sleeve." Who knew there were so many style icons from the 19th century British army officer ranks?

Fast forward to the early 1900s in the USA and we see the shawl cardigan jacket being worn by everyone from railroad workers, hunters and young upstarts on the college campus.

The John Lofgren & Co. version combines the classic lines of the shawl collar jacket with the rugged good looks of "beach cloth" material which was specially woven for John Lofgren & Co.

The jacket is finished with urea buttons, leather stress point tabs on the pockets and all inner seams covered with herringbone cotton tape

There's absolutely nothing new about the fit of this jacket.  Like all of John's other vintage-inspired workwear clothing, the fit is spot on with all my vintage pieces.  I wear a vintage size 38 and the small is consistent with every vintage item I own.  The sleeves are narrow and the body slim throughout, but have enough room for layering  with a T and button down shirt.  There's even room for your Brown's Beach vest, if you chose to do so.  Priced at ¥49,800, it's worth every penny.

Size Small - Chest: 20"   Shoulders: 16 1/2"  Sleeve: 25 1/2"   
Length (from seam from base of neck down back to hem): 27 3/4" 

The second surprise piece from Jillian was John's "Duck Baker Pants" in a size 30. 

When one hears "duck pants", they naturally think of brown.  These are the perfect pair to change it up and keep things interesting. These vintage-style military pants triple stitched at the in and outseams and are made with 14oz cotton duck - priced right at only ¥16,800.

They're high waisted, relaxed throughout the straight legs and go perfect with a pair of vintage work boots.

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