Wednesday, May 23, 2012


UPDATE: So much for thinning the herd. Someone made me an offer I just couldn't refuse, so I accepted a trade for a different pair of Engineer Boots!!

I'm not sure if I'm just bored or what, but I've got this sudden urge to Engineer Boot collection.  Perhaps it's a subconscious effort to update/rotate my current stock, but whatever it is I'm going to take baby steps as I'm super content with what I already have.  My first baby step will be to offer my Real McCoy Buco model BA6010-030.  We'll see what follows...

The Mister Freedom® "Road Champ's" aren't going anywhere.

Due to the insane charges on eBay, I'm going to offer them here and if there are no takers then I'll ultimately post them on my Etsy.

If it's of any consolation, I've been buying/selling on eBay under Rockabilly4 since 1999 with one hundred percent positive feedback and been selling on Etsy since 2010 under vintageengineerboots with seventy-five sales and one hundred percent positive feedback.

Here's the low-down: 
Brand: The Real McCoy's
Model:  Buco BA6010-030
Color: Black
Size: 8 1/2D
Measurements (approximate):
  Length (heel against wall to furthest tip): 12"
  Width (at its widest point in the ball area): 4 3/16"
Soles: Cat's Paw Half-Sole
Heels: Cat's Paw
Leather: Horsehide
Hardware: Nickel Buckles and Double Brass Rivets per Boot
Price: $550 obo
Contact me at: if interested.

Condition:  These boots are built like tanks.  The Horsehide is like nothing I've handled before.  You can hold your hand out with palms facing up and literally balance the boots upside down without the leather collapsing - this leather is that tough!  

Used regularly, but not abused (no forced patina/wear here, folks).   I've treated them with Pecards Antique Leather Dressing three times since purchase.

This model was released around the mid-2000's and have long since been sold out.  I purchased them for ¥84,000 ($808.00) back in 2008.  With proxy fees, shipping, etc. It was closer to $1,000.  If available today, these would cost $1,057.74 without the extra fees.  

If these don't sell, then I'll place them back in line with the group of other Vintage Engineer Boots I own and happily gaze at them until I get the urge to offer them up again in the unknown future.
Taken May 2011 without much use since then.

Fresh out of the box from Japan.

This and subsequent photos taken tonight.  BTW, I'm the worst photographer ever...sorry for the substandard photos.

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