Friday, May 25, 2012


First off, thanks for putting your blog together. I am typically a size US 13. I am looking to upgrade from my 5 yr old Chippewa #97863 engineers, which I wear in 13D.

I was following the Lofgren engineer boot pre-order, but when I clicked in on Monday, that boot maxes out at 12 inches. Based on your 2268 Red Wing sizing comparison, I figure this means US 10D is the biggest size. 10D seems to be max on any of the Japanese market boots.

If I'm sized out of the Lofgren's...potential options:

Road Champ size 12 (biggest size, read they run large)
• John at MF measured a Road Champ 12 boot @ 13" sole (12" interior)
• I would grab a newly built size 12 (Julian make these too???) from their supposed last run of 60 pair
• Price $950 new
• no returns, only store credit

RRL size 13 (biggest size, read they run small)
• ebay measured the RRL 13 boot @ 13.25" sole.- Julian made, last year model
• Price on ebay $475-700 depending on color, but liking the black which is currently $700 new
• can return

My Chippewa 13D measures 13" sole with 12" interior, so I THINK either boot would be a pretty good fit. The RC 12 and RRL 13 seem about the same size wise.

So, if you had to pick one of the two to recommend over the other? I'm slightly flavoring the RCs, but the RRL is a handsome boot.

Any thoughts?


Thanks for the e-mail. You aren’t the only person to voice concern over the sizing on his site. I contacted Mr. Lofgren and he cleared things up by updating his page. The boots are in fact available in US sizes 7 through 12 in D widths. I think you’re in luck!

Having said that, as much as I love my Julian-made RRL’s, I can’t seem to properly pair them up with my eclectic vintage wardrobe and they inevitably take the back seat. I may have to pass them on to someone who'd appreciate them more.

My Julian-made RRL's

New RRL "Murdock" model

As for choosing between the Mister Freedom “Road Champs” and the new John Lofgren & Co. Engineer Boots, think of it this way: The Road Champs are to the 1930’s/1940’s as the Lofgren’s are to the 1950's.