Friday, May 18, 2012


Your blog is awesome! I'm a girl who only wears boots, mostly vintage from ebay - love the harness, engineer, and lace up styles. I've bought a couple of pairs of Frye new and was pretty happy, but I recently bought a pair of 8R engineer and they suck. Where can I find vintage women's size 7 or men's 5 Chippewa or Carolina boots? Or even new? I can't seem to find anything new that's badass. Basically I'm asking, where can I find GOOD women's engineer boots?

Thanks so much in advance! I'm dying over here.

Frye 8R

Hi Kellie,
No on the 8R's? Good to know. You would totally benefit from some amazing vintage and rare 1940's/1950's Engineer Boots based on your size. It takes patience, though, and can be found on eBay more often than not.

For new Chippewa's, I recommend taking a look into a pair of model 27899 or 97863's. Carolina's are forever being offered on eBay, but hardly (if ever) in the size you're looking for.

There really aren't any good looking boots dedicated to women, unless you're into the soho slouch style.

Chippewa 27899

Chippewa 97863