Thursday, October 6, 2011


Let's face it, we are always willing to pay a premium for brand name clothing and Ralph Lauren is definitely no exception, especially when it comes to their ever-popular RRL line.

As consumers, we put our faith and confidence in the validity of the high-end products we purchase and when such a reputable company like RL advertises a pair of Vintage Engineer Boots as being from the 1950's under their Vintage Line, we don't think twice - we just pay the exorbitant price.  Unfortunately in this example, these boots are nowhere near the circa as advertised and nowhere worth $895 (it's said RRL is now asking $1,100+ for similar boots).

I'll say these are no older than mid to late 1970's.  Highballing the price, I would estimate these boots selling for $300 at auction and add say...another two hundred for brand, markups and other associated buyers fees.  That's a HUGE profit margin.

This is not, by any stretch, anything against the seller of these boots.  He may be more knowledgeable in this type of footwear than I am.  In fact, I encourage someone to buy these if it's up their alley - his price is much more realistic.  I just feel this is a great example for those out there looking to build their product knowledge, cut out the middle man and save a few cents.

Brand: Unknown
Circa: "1950's"  
Color: Black
Size: 11 1/2
Length: 12 1/2"
Width: 4 1/2"
Soles: Vibram
Leather: Unknown
Hardware: Nickel
Selling For: $485.00 / Link
Seller: edlevice

I understand the price point behind RRL charging $1,500 for their branded Engineer Boots, but this non-1950's "hand-picked" pair probably purchased for near to nothing doesn't make sense to me.