Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I always have a great time when Jillian and I visit with her Grandmother and I really enjoy going through her time capsule of photographs.  This set of photographs were loaned to us by "Grandma Bev."  Her brothers raced motorcycles in Northern California, participating in everything from dirt/flat track and hill climbs. 

Jillian doesn't know much about this part of her great uncle's Roy and Clyde's lives, but there isn't much to tell.  The fun and adventurous lives they led can be translated just by these great stills and the short notes written on back.

Here's Uncle Roy and Uncle Clyde with fellow members of the Bay City Motorcycle Club back in 1948.  The chances are high that these sweaters bear the Al Fergoda naked pinup model label. 

1947 - Uncle roy, left, sitting on his 1946 #46 Triumph 650 during the Lodi Grape Bowl

1947 - Uncle Roy and Uncle Clyde with fellow club members at the Lodi Grape Bowl

Uncle Roy's 1953 Harley-Davidson K Model.  Purchased new for $750 from Dudley "Dud" Perkins, AMA Hall of Fame inductee, when he worked at Sharp Park, California

Uncle Roy's 1946 ex-Police bike.  Purchased used for $400.00

I spoke with Uncle Roy on the phone over a year ago when Grandma Bev mentioned my interest in vintage bikes and motorcycle wear and I found it truly interesting when he said he worked with Al Fergoda at one of his dealerships.  He also briefly mentioned the possibility of still having a Bay City racing sweater sitting around somewhere.

Al Fergoda was a driving force in both pre and post-war motorcycling activities in Northern California.