Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Mexican souvenir rings have been popular since the early part of the last century and have experienced an overwhelming resurgence in popularity over the last decade or so.  During this resurgence, prices have gone from outrageous to lackluster due to the declining economy (bad for the seller, but amazing for us collectors) and are now climbing their way back up the pricey scale.  Many companies have profited from the popularity by reproducing them.  Some make faithful reproductions and some, in my opinion, simply missed the target. 

One of the newest makers in the world of reproduction Mexican souvenir rings is based right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.  I rank him in the "faithful reproduction" arena.  Fine Light Trading are makers of handmade hard goods for men and women.  All rings are solid brass and handmade by a gentleman named Innis in New York City.

I've discussed having a Marine Corps ring made by him to add to my collection and bring with me on my next Afghanistan deployment.  I always bring a Mexican Marine Corps ring (or two) with me to combat allowing me add/create a unique history behind them.

I've owned and sold many of these rings over the years and as much as I enjoy them and will continue to wear them, I can never get over the black or green tarnish stains left on the fingers after wearing the original mixed metal rings. It sometimes takes a day or two for these stains to wash away, but is a nuisance nonetheless.  The best way to combat this issue is to indulge yourself in one of these faithful reproductions. 

Contact Innis to have your custom ring made.

Here are some examples of his work:

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