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As a lot of people may know, "Engineer Boots" is used very loosely by (eBay) sellers trying to advertise a wide range of boots.  I've seen harness boots, leather combat boots, regular lace-up work boots and even Peco's described as "Vintage Engineer Boots."  A lot of them just don't know and some do, but use these tags with hopes of selling their products at a premium.

On the flip side, not all Engineer Boots are...well, Engineer Boots, per se.  Case in point, the below photo from Mr. Zip Stevenson's personal boot and shoe catalog collection advertising a pair of 1933 Gokey Pull-on Boots.  Look familiar?  Engineer Boots, right?  Not so fast.  As you can imagine, the Engineer Boot look was popular in the early days of their inception so many companies, regardless of their specialty, used the look to attract customers. 

As a fan of Engineer Boots, I find it important to know the different styles and various terms used to describe them in order to align our current and vintage boot lexicon.  In the long run, we all become smart on the subject thereby saving money (or spending lots of good, hard-earned money) on the right pair of Vintage Engineer Boots.

Notice how the vamp and heel counter are a single piece.  This is a very attractive style and an original would undoubtedly fetch a lot of scratch at auction. 

Pull-On Boot - A great light summer boot: A light weight boot for the sportsman desiring a light, flexible, serviceable riding, hunting or tramping boot, semi-dress. Regular factory welt construction.  Carried in all fittings.  Not made to measure.  Cut from Tan Retan leather.

Engineer Boot Lexicon parts I and II

Thanks to Zip for allowing me to use this photograph. 

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* Zip Stevenson is also the gentleman behind the Stevenson Overall Company, Hollywood Trading Company and Denim Doctor's.

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