Sunday, June 19, 2011


Brand: Sears
Circa: 1960's / 1970's
Color: Black
Size: "8.5D" Measurements are more like an 8
Length:  11 1/8"
Width: 3 3/4"
Soles: Biltrite Half soles
Heels:  Biltrite
Hardware: Nickel, triple rivets
Leather: Oil Tanned
Condition: Used
Sold For: Unknown.  Start bid at $9.99 and ended early
Seller: basecamp_vintage

I'd like to commend the seller for not putting a circa on these.  Most sellers would normally offer these up as "1940's or 1950's."  The truth about Sears Engineer Boots (and many other established brands of the day) is they are difficult to date.  Some from the 1980's and 1990's are just downright obvious, but ones from the 1950's through 1970's can get a bit confusing.  On some Vintage Engineer Boots, you can tell the age by the narrow backstay, but this may not be true for Sears boots.  Because these have a very similar profile as a pair of Sears Wearmasters I consider being from the 1950's (based off the blue tag), I'd venture to say these are early/mid 1960's.  Unless one has an original pair they've purchased from back then and can vouch for its age, there's no telling.

The last photo shows Sears Engineer Boots from the late1960's.  They sure as heck look like something much earlier.

This pair has a nice patina and profile.  I'd have bid no more than three and a half bills for these.

Sears Engineer Boots from 1966

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  1. It's a curious thing. Sears has had many different manufacturers making their engineer boots. I think the easiest ones to date are the ones made by Chippewa. They have the exact pattern as a pair of Chippewa's, the only difference is the label. They share the same Chippewa details like the riveted instep buckle strap and the triangle stitching on the top strap. Those I think are definitely 1970's and above.