Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Something grand is happening in the Super Future world.  Project leader, Ed, has partnered with Brett Viberg of Canada's Viberg Boots to offer custom-made boots with Japanese Real McCoy Buco-style black Horsehide leather...or whatever other type leather Viberg has available (no restrictions). This is a culmination of over five months of negotiations between buyers, Ed and Brett. The specifics have been finally nailed down, the Horsehide leather picked out (Ed wasn't happy with the first Horsehide swatch) and now it's time to place orders.

Ed has assured me that he will not let these boots exceed a price tag of more than six and a half bills (not including shipping) - Payment details have not yet been published. This is an amazing price for a completely custom pair of high-quality kicks with very desirable leather.

If you are familiar with Viberg or Wesco Engineer boots, they don't come with roller buckles. For this event; however, Brett is offering roller buckles in brass or nickel. As always Viberg offers Cat's Paw heels, but will add more to the final price.

Another wonderful thing is the buyer gets to choose which lasts their boots will be built from. It doesn't get any better than this.

The last week of April 2011 has been established as the deadline to place an order. If you are in the market for a really great pair of bespoke boots, I truly recommend giving though to this rare opportunity.

So far, the only three types of boots being ordered are the Service Boots, Engineer Boots and Smokejumpers. I'm guessing the Smokejumpers are a little more than the Service, but less than the Engineer Boots. Click here to see what people are ordering.

Price (custom options are extra):

-Service Boots: $512

-Engineer Boots: $612

Here's an example of an order I whipped up for myself:

"Size 8D Engineer Boots, 10", Black Horsehide, Double Leather Soles with dyed brown edges (1 piece for the midsole, 1 for the sole), Stacked Cuban heels with one (1) extra lift, Cat's Paw heels, Brass Roller Buckles, the new service boot last (as seen here, but with NO toe cap, of course, and no toe reinforcement), Regular Double Stitch Welt with White Stitching, Instep Straps two inches longer. Perforated Heel Counter and Upper Vamp like this, Cut top (not rolled) like this (bottom right photo) , No Lining."


  1. Great post John! I hope anyone who wants a pair gets in on this, because it's too great a deal to pass up. I also recently learned that Viberg does stitch down (like the Wesco welts) or nail down construction (like most goodyear welts), so you can also get the boots customized in either of these ways.

  2. Nice! Will they have the really flat toe like the lower engineer boot photo? That's the look I want in my next pair of engineers!

  3. They will if you get them with no reinforcement in the toe.

  4. Thanks Ray! Do you know if they are making that Horsehide in Brown?

  5. Only black Horsehide is available. You gettin' in on it, Matt?

  6. Not if I can't get the brown....damn.