Thursday, June 3, 2010


Brand: Walker
Circa: Unknown
Color: Black
Size: "30.5cm" (US 14)
Sole: 12.4"
Hardware: Nickel
Leather: Unknown "Good quality leather"
Condition: Good
Active: ¥15,800 ($172.00)
Link: Walker Engineer Boots

Here's a great looking pair of Engineer Boots offered at a relatively low price - unfortunately they are a very large size.  The quality reminds me of these boots, but better.  The following description is offered from the site:  "WALKER, Inc. was originated in 1950 in North Carolina. It is known now as the classic work boots in the United States. To produce boots for the workers engaged in a leafy deforestation in the region, recognized for its high quality, then, now and loved by even Postman Policeman Bruno Sukaroraina collection."

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