Saturday, April 24, 2010


These posts are done using limited iPhone capabilities only, so pictures will be skewed, upside down, and any which way...

Today's lunch: Meal, Ready-to-Eat, Menu #24, Chicken with Salsa and a "Blue" Monster.
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Another great photo - this is why I love Menu #24... Mmmmm & Mmmmm's
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Another Menu #24 favorite: Cheese Spread with Jalapenos - need I say more?
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  1. Tell me about it. I consider my self somewhat of a healthy feller - I run and lift, but it's totally inevitable that one comes back from the field slightly heavier and unhealthier. More incentive for me to work out that much harder after the field, I guess.


  2. a big improvement over the old MREs, looks pretty good to me. At least you didn't get Charms.

    Mix the food pouches with water and tabasco and make soup, the water will fill you up and you will eat less of the calories.

    Man, I don't miss too much, but sometimes I miss the field.

    Remember some people pay to go camping. Don't forget to upend your boots in the morning, everyone made fun of me for it, til a brown scorpion fell out one morning.


  3. Hey John! Yeah, it's a far cry from the MREs that came in the dark brown packaging. In those, you were lucky if you got a food heater.

    They stopped putting "bad luck" Charms in MREs some time ago. No one ever ate them because of their history of, well...bad luck. As you know an MRE box is put aside for unwanted MRE items and they were almost always 80% filled with Charms.

    Hey, Tabasco and water - kinda the same manner as ketchup and water from the GD. I'll tak your advise on that.

    Don't worry, John, your not missing anything out here. Today's high is forecasted to be in the 90s. Heck, it feels like it's a hundred degrees now and it's only 0900.

    I always tie my boots up at night just for that reason.