Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is a motorcycle cap that looks really, really good on the auction block, but in reality it's a bad reproduction. I've owned two of these over the past ten years, both a Medium and a Small. I got rid of the medium because it was much too large. I owned an exact one in black and it was a perfect fitting medium, so it appears QC failed to do their job. The white medium fit like a vintage size 7 1/4 (I wear a vintage size 7), so I promised myself the next small I find would be mine.

I was excited to have found a small a year or so afterward, because now I could see how one that fit truly looked. The fit was spot on with a vintage size 7. One thing, though - it turned out to be just as shitty as the last white one. In person, it's very costumey. The bill is much too large - it's reminiscent of a Captains cap you find at a novelty shop on a pier. The crown is a fuzzy wooly, cotton, poly blend of sorts. I don't think I ever wore them out in public before ultimately getting rid of them.

Like I said, I owned a black one from the same time frame and that one I loved. Not sure why I got rid of it. Oh yeah...I had about five Harley caps at the time and ended up getting rid of the non-vintage ones. I haven't seen another black one in at least five years. Since then, Harley has pushed out even crappier ones that sell for decent money to poor unsuspecting folks. Beware!

If this cap has ever caught your eye, take it from me and save your hard-earned money. You're better off purchasing one of these CAPS for much less.

Sold for: $242.19
Site:  eBay
Seller:  wvent


  1. Thanks for the heads up on these. Are there any good repop caps out there? N.L.A.M.C's 'Johnny Cap' maybe?

  2. Reg, based off pictures, my recommendation would be the caps offered by Wild Presents. Click on the link in my write-up above and see what I wrote about all the current repops.


  3. Thanks John. I saw the 'Johnny Cap' last year in Ventura when I met Jedd but I didn't take a good look them or try one on... Dammit!